XLReporter Version 11.0

Report, forms and dashboards for Industry.


Operating System

Support for Windows 8, Windows Server 2012.

Microsoft Office

Support for Office 2013 (32 and 64 bit editions).

FastStart Template Wizard

Accelerate report development with the Fast Start wizard.  Follow a few simple steps to produce reports in minutes, not hours.  The wizard makes sure your configuration is complete andready to deploy.

Enhanced Data Entry Form Templates

A comprehensive suite of form templates address the demands of industry e.g., laboratory analysis, turbidity readings, BOD calculations, suspended and volatile solids, digester analysis, effluent data and influent data.Templates are complete with formatting, data validation and linked automatically to a central database. Modifications are easy to implement because Excel is the “design studio”..

Data Entry in the Field

Download electronic data entry forms to a tablet and use them in the field exactly the same way as on site. With a single click, upload the data from the field devices to a central database and use this information alongside process data to see the "big picture".

Secure Editing of Scheduled Reports

If your preference is to generate Excel reports, then allow users to add additional information to the reports securely, without opening Excel.  The editable cell range can be restricted to where the edits and annotations are required. Editing can be performed on a the local station or from a Team client.

Project Backup

Back up your project to a zip file automatically to have peace of mind that your reporting system can be readily restored.

Whats New in Version 11.0