XLReporter Version 14.2

Raw Data to Information

Press Release

September, 2021

XLReporter Version 14.2 is Available

FRANKLIN, MA: SyTech, Inc. (The Report Company), the market leader in automated reports and dashboards for industry, today announced the release of XLReporter version 14.2. This version advances manual data entry for use in a variety of industrial applications. Version additions also include producing XML for eDMR (electronic discharge monitoring report), ISA 18.2/IEC 82686 filtering in the Alarm Management module, support for non-conforming text files and more industrial functions for reports.

Manual data is prevalent in every industrial system from operator rounds to recording test results. This version provides the tools to produce forms for the manual data and to store their content to a backend database. With data in a database, and not a filing cabinet, users can easily produce reports and dashboards and, if they wish, include other process data. Data forms for operator rounds, monthly operating report, shift-to-shift operator logs, annotation of critical alarms, machine maintenance are a few examples of what is possible.

XLReporter uses workbook technology similar to that found in Microsoft Excel. Consequently, the user is invited to a familiar environment of cell formulas, statistics, formatting, sorting, filtering, images and charts. There are also provided features like analytics tailored to specific industries, automated reports, distribution e.g., email and on-demand reports from web browsers.

“Microsoft Excel is indisputably one of the most widely used applications. XLReporter propels users to ‘Go Beyond Excel’ and take the best of workbook technology and deliver it to a web browser,” explained Peter Kaprielian, CTO of SyTech. “The focus of this release is manual data entry which is commonly overlooked in the design of an industrial system.

In industries that require ISA18.2 Alarm Management, XLReporter provides timely measurements of the key performance indicators as described in the Monitoring and Assessment stage of the alarm life cycle. This release takes the KPIs to a new level with custom filters on position, module and attribute. The KPIs can also be exported to an external database for long-term tracking of improvements.

About SyTech, Inc.
SyTech develops reporting software to enable organizations to turn raw process data into actionable information, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. With a combined knowledge of business technology and automated systems, SyTech created XLReporter. The product is built on the Microsoft Open Office standard and is the leading reporting platform in industry to deliver workbook technology to an automated environment.

A private company founded in 1994 and headquartered in Massachusetts, SyTech provides solutions around the world and in virtually every industry, from small municipal facilities to major international manufacturers and Fortune 500 companies.