XLReporter End of Life Policy

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SyTech is committed to providing you with the highest quality customer service, product support and technologically advanced products. Understanding key dates in the product and version lifecycle make it easier for you to proactively plan and manage the transition to more modern technologies.

End of Life Policy

Product Date of Announcement Last Date of Purchase Last Date for Maintenance
XLReporter Version 9.x 10/1/2019 4/2/2012 11/5/2019
XLReporter Version 10.x 2/1/2023 12/9/2013 3/1/2023
XLReporter Version 11.x 3/1/2023 4/1/2016 4/1/2024
XLReporter Version 12.x 11/5/2019
XLReporter Version 14.x 3/1/2023
XLReporter Version 15.x 12/2/2023
XLReporter Version 16.x Current version

Active Maintenance Policy

Product Upgradable to Current Version Maintenance
XLReporter Version 9.x and below No No
XLReporter Version 10.x Yes Limited
XLReporter Version 11.x Yes Full
XLReporter Version 12.x Yes Full
XLReporter Version 14.x Yes Full
XLReporter Version 15.x Yes Full
XLReporter Version 16.x Current Version Full

End of Life Connectors/Interfaces

Vendor Type Interface Availability XLReporter Version Path Forward
GE Digital Real Time FIX32 V7.x and above 4/1/2016 12.0
iFIX (native) 4/1/2024 Real Time data from iFIX OPC DA or UA server
Historical FIX32 V7.x and above 4/1/2016 12.0
iFIX Classic Historian 4/1/2014 GE/Proficy Historian connector
Rockwell Automation Real Time RSView32 V6.3 11/11/2011 9.1 OPC DA connector
RSView32 V6.4 and above 2/22/2021 14.1 OPC DA connector
Historical RSView32 Historical values 2/22/2021 14.1 FactoryTalk View SE Historical values connector
FactoryTalk View Data Files 2/22/2021 14.1 FactoryTalk Data Agent connector
FactoryTalk Historican SE (OLEDB/ODBC) 3/1/2023 15.0 FactoryTalk Data Agent or FactoryTalk Historian SE OPC connector
FactoryTalk Historian SE (CLR) 6/1/2023 15.01 FactoryTalk Data Agent or FactoryTalk Historian SE OPC connector
FactoryTalk Historian Classic (RSSql) 2/22/2021 14.1 Direct query to Database connector
FactoryTalk View SE Alarms 2/22/2021 14.1 Direct query to Database connector
Other FactoryTalk VantagePoint 3/1/2023 15.0
Emerson Automated Solutions Real Time DeltaV V4.x - 10.x - FIX (ProPlus) 4/1/2016 12.0
Database DeltaV Analyze 6/1/2023 15.01 Direct query to Event Chronicle Database
AVEVA Real Time InTouch Real Time (native) 4/1/2024 Real Time data from OI Gateway OPC DA Server
Microscan Real Time Microscan 2000 4/2/2012 10.0
Microscan 2010 4/1/2016 12.0
Historical Microscan 2000 Historian 4/2/2012 10.0
Microscan 2010 Historian 4/1/2016 12.0
Elutions Historical ControlMaestro Historical values 4/1/2024
Tatsoft Historical FactoryStudio Historical values 4/1/2024
FactoryStudio Alarms 4/1/2024
Advanced Modules Basic Batch (ISA-88) 4/1/2024

End of Life policies subject to change at any time.