Connect To Data

Learn how to connect XLReporter to your PLCs, Historians, Alarms and Database Interfaces.

XLReporter is delivered with over 70 connectors to real-time, historical and database interfaces. There is no restriction to how many you use.
All Connectors

Provider Connector
Rockwell Automation RSLinx
PanelView Plus
FactoryTalk Gateway
FactoryTalk View SE Datalogs - ODBC
FactoryTalk View SE Datalogs - DAT
FactoryTalk Historian SE - ODBC
FactoryTalk Historian SE - VantagePoint
FactoryTalk Historian SE - OPC
FactoryTalk Historian SE - OLEDB
FactoryTalk Alarms and Events
FactoryTalk Alarms and Events ISA 18.2 Compliance
GE Digital Alarms
iFIX Real-time
iFIX Classic History
iFIX Alarms
iFIX Local
Cimplicity Real-time
Cimplicity History
Cimplicity Alarms
Emerson Automation Solutions DeltaV Real-time
DeltaV Continuous Historian
DeltaV Advanced Continuous Historian
DeltaV Batch Historian
DeltaV Event Chronicle
DeltaV Event Journal
DeltaV Event Journal ISA18.2 Compliance
DeltaV Analyze
HMS Networks Ewon Data Mailbox
Ewon Real-time
Inductive Automation Ignition Real-time
Ignition History
Ignition Transaction Groups
Siemens SIMATIC WinCC/PCS7 Real-time
WinCC/PCS7 History
WinCC/PCS7 Alarms
Wonderware InTouch Real-time DDE
InTouch Real-time OPC
InTouch History
InTouch Alarms
Wonderware Historian
Wonderware Historian Summaries
Indusoft Point of View Real-time
Point of View History
Point of View Database
Tatsoft FactoryStudio Real-time
FactoryStudio History
FactoryStudio Alarms
Trihedral VTScada Real-time
VTScada History
VTScada Alarms
Kepware KEPServerEX Real-time
KEPServerEX Local Historian
Citect Citect Scada Real-time
Citect Scada History