About SyTech

Who We Are

SyTech develops reporting software to enable organizations to turn raw process data into actionable information, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. With a combined knowledge of business technology and the needs of automated systems, SyTech created XLReporter. The product is built on the Microsoft Open Office standard and is the leading reporting platform in industry to deliver workbook technology to an automated environment.

A private company founded in 1994 and headquartered in Massachusetts, SyTech provides solutions around the world and in virtually every industry, from small municipal facilities to major international manufacturers and Fortune 500 companies.

SyTech’s reporting solution is perfect for any sized system and budget. Automatic reports directly from a PLC, on-demand web reports from a historian, ISA 18.2 alarm analytics, CFR Part11 security features and automated email are a few of the many features to empower users with right report at the right time.


Main Office

124 Grove Street
Suite 225
Franklin, MA 02038

Tel: 508 520 9957 (9XLR)