Partners and Affiliations

Strategic partners endorse XLReporter as the reporting software of choice.

img/strategic/emerson.png Emerson Automation Solutions
Partner since October, 1997
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img/strategic/rockwell.png Rockwell Automation
Encompass partner since November, 2001
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img/strategic/prosoft.png ProSoft Technology
Partner since November, 2020
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img/ewon-by-hms-networks.png HMS Networks
Solution partner since February, 2019
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img/strategic/ge.png GE Digital
Partner since October, 1998
img/strategic/kepware.png Kepware Technologies
Partner since December, 2014
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img/strategic/tatsoft.png Tatsoft
Partner since October, 2017
img/strategic/trihedral.png Trihedral
Partner since September, 2014
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img/strategic/siemens.png Siemens
Partner since March, 2008
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img/strategic/win-911.png WIN-911
Partner since October, 2015
img/strategic/canarylabs.png Canary Labs
Partner since January, 2015
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img/strategic/opc.png OPC Foundation
Member since January, 1998
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img/strategic/wonderware.png AVEVA
Partner since May, 1996
img/strategic/mitsubishi.gif Mitsubishi
OEM partner since August, 1999
img/strategic/eurotherm.png Eurotherm
OEM partner since June, 1996
img/strategic/elutions.png Elutions
OEM partner since December, 2007
img/strategic/wizcon.gif Wizcon
OEM partner since January, 2005