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  • Data Connectivity
    Connect to the leading PLCs, historians and databases in industry
    Provider Connector
    OPC UA
    Rockwell Automation RSLinx
    FactoryTalk Linx Gateway
    FactoryTalk View ME Data Files
    FactoryTalk View SE Data Logs (ODBC)
    FactoryTalk View SE Data Agent Live Data
    FactoryTalk View SE Data Agent File Sets (DAT)
    FactoryTalk View SE Data Agent Historian SE
    FactoryTalk Historian SE - OPC
    FactoryTalk Historian SE - CLR
    FactoryTalk Alarms and Events
    FactoryTalk Alarms and Events ISA 18.2 Compliance
    PanelView Plus Data Logs
    GE Digital Alarm and Events Database
    iFIX Real-time
    iFIX Classic History
    iFIX Alarms
    iFIX Local
    Cimplicity Real-time
    Cimplicity History
    Cimplicity Alarms
    Emerson Automation Solutions DeltaV Real-time
    DeltaV Continuous Historian
    DeltaV Advanced Continuous Historian
    DeltaV Batch Historian
    DeltaV Event Chronicle
    DeltaV Event Journal
    DeltaV Event Journal ISA18.2 Compliance
    DeltaV Analyze
    ProSoft PLX51 Data Logger
    HMS Networks Ewon On Premise Live Data
    Ewon Remote Live Data
    Ewon Remote Data Logger
    Inductive Automation Ignition Real-time
    Ignition History
    Ignition Transaction Groups
    Siemens SIMATIC WinCC/PCS7 Real-time
    WinCC/PCS7 History
    WinCC/PCS7 Alarms
    AVEVA InTouch Real-time DDE
    InTouch Real-time OPC
    InTouch History
    InTouch Alarms
    AVEVA Historian
    AVEVA Historian Summaries
    AVEVA Historian Alarms
    Indusoft Point of View Real-time
    Point of View History
    Point of View Database
    Tatsoft FactoryStudio Real-time
    FactoryStudio History
    FactoryStudio Alarms
    Trihedral VTScada Real-time
    VTScada History
    VTScada Alarms
    Kepware KEPServerEX Real-time
    KEPServerEX Local Historian
    KEPServerEX UA
    Citect Citect Scada Real-time
    Citect Scada History
  • Data Connectivity Note
    Technical notes on data connectivity
    Article Description
    Rockwell Automation Integrate XLReporter into FactoryTalk View SE.
    Integrate XLReporter into FactoryTalk ViewPoint.
    GE Digital Convert an existing project from iFIX classic history to Proficy.
    Convert an existing project from iFIX native to iFIX OPC.
    AVEVA Convert an existing project from InTouch local to OI Gateway OPC.
  • How To
    Technical "how to" articles
    Article Description
    How to upgrade XLReporter Upgrade XLReporter Project to V14.
    How to install XLReporter Install XLReporter local or distributed (for web clients).
    How to configure IIS Configure IIS for XLReporter distributed systems.
    How to configure Microsoft SQL Server Configure Microsoft SQL Server for XLReporter.
    How to make reports convey their content XLReporter features to enhance report content.
    How to publish reports to the cloud Automatically share reports with Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive.
    How to supercharge Excel addins Automate Excel addins to manage and distribute reports.
    How to download recipe setpoints to the process Automatically download and verify recipe setpoints to the process.
    How to setup XLReporter to provide feedback to the process Provide a heartbeat or an acknowledgment back to the process.
    How to develop a XLReporter project off site Develop a XLReporter project off site using the PLC and Historian simulators.
    How to perform troubleshooting 101 Perform basic troubleshooting to the find answers.
    How to export data from Microsoft SQL Server Export data from SQL Server to a backup file.
    How to export data from MySQL Export data from MySQL.
    How to collect data using XLReporter Snapshot Analytics Log process data into a centralized relational database using Data Snapshots.
  • Spotlight
    Articles that spotlight a XLReporter feature.
    Article Description
    Automatic Email and SMS Email reports automatically or on-demand.
    Report Naming Conventions Provide custom names for folders and reports.
    Event Based Reporting Produce reports from events in the process.
    Scheduler Scripting Execute schedule commands from scripts.
    Report Data Placement Control where data is placed in a report.
    Analytic Data Logger Store process analytics to a database.
    Export Report Content Export all or part of the report content to a database.
    Schedule Report Actions Schedule actions for generating reports.
    Report vs Schedule Time Schedule reports for a different time period.
    Report from Different Data Sources Produce reports from different data sources.
    Summary Calculations Apply calculations to raw or sampled data stored in the historian.
    Security Features for 21CFR Part11 Set up security features for 21CFR Part11, FDA regulation.
    Using Excel as a Data Source Produce reports from other Excel workbooks.
    Reporting on the “Previous Day”- Historian Set up reports with the information queried from the historian for the previous day.
    Page Setup How to make your report look more professional by using Page Setup.
  • Roadmap
    In-depth roadmaps on XLReporter capability
    Article Description
    Produce Reports from a Database Report from a relational database, automatically or on-demand.
    Alias Connections Serve Many Reports Create one template with alias connections to serve many reports.
    Distributing Completed Reports Schedule reports to be distributed automatically.
    Take Information beyond Excel Reports in web pages and PDF, export to relational databases, write values to variables and process.
    Two-Dimensional Report - Daily Update Place multiple daily process values in two-dimensions in one monthly report.
  • White Paper
    White papers on aspects of XLReporter
    Article Description
    Extending DeltaV Analyze Reports Extend DeltaV Analyze Alarm Statistic reports and publishing.