Training classes are performed by people that understand your reporting needs.

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Training Overview

The number of attendees of our training classes is limited so that each student receives quality, personal attention.

Course Overview

XLTRB - XLReporter Level 1

This is a 2 day virtual course. It is designed for new and current users that wish to learn the core features of XLReporter in a virtual classroom led by a highly skilled engineer. Each attendee will receive the training documentation of the XLTRO course.

Overview and Prices

XLTRO - XLReporter On-Line

This course is intended for users who wish to learn about XLReporter at their own pace and for their specific needs.
The training is provided in selectable courses. A course consists of a collection of documented lessons with a progress test. It also includes a 30 minute discussion with an instructor which you can schedule between 9 am and 5 pm US Eastern time.

The Pre-requisites Course is currently offered at no cost with the purchase of at least one other course.

Overview and Prices


Date Location Class Status
April 23-24, 2024 Online XLTRB - XLReporter Level 1 Completed