Batch Cycle
Machine Cycle

Produce cycle reports from live data

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A cycle report provides information for selected criteria over a variable time frame. In the context of industrial reporting, the report would represent all the process information generated during the manufacture of a product e.g., temperatures during a heat cycle or the alarm activity during a reaction.

The time frame of a cycle is determined by manufacturing process conditions. In the following, a few examples are provided:
  • Manufacturing
    Beginning and end of stage of a manufacturing process
  • Pharmaceutical
    Beginning and end of the phases of a recipe/lot
  • Water Treatment
    Start and stop of backwash
  • Power Generation
    Start and stop of turbines
  • Equipment Monitoring
    Furnace operations and HVAC cycles

Cycle Reports from Live Data

With XLReporter's Report As You Run technology, cycle reports are produced while the process cycle is in progress. The data is captured in the report directly from the PLC on time or events together with data from various times in the cycle e.g., start/end of cycle.

This is the perfect solution for Users, Machine Builders and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who are looking for powerful solution without the costs associated with historians and database.