Water Treatment Reports

Operational and State reports for Water Treatment Facilities.

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The EPA sets the standard for drinking water quality and oversees all States, localities, and water suppliers that implement the standards.

The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) is the principal federal law in the United States that safeguards human health by protecting the nation's public drinking water supply and its sources (rivers, lakes, reservoirs, springs, and ground water wells).

The SDWA applies to every public water system (PWS) in the United States. There are currently about 155,000 public water systems providing water to almost all Americans at some time in their lives. The Act does not cover private wells.

Water treatment facility

Water Quality Management

XLReporter is scalable so that facilities that vary in size, data sources and people skills all have a solution. The product provides the compliance reports required by the State as well as operating and performance reports used by plant personnel.

State Reports

The major regulations are in Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulation (40 CFR Part 141,142 and 143) to regulate primary contaminants, implementation by state and secondary contaminants.
Reports in this category include Monthly Operating Reports (MOR), Discharge Monitoring Reports, Surface Water Treatment Report (SWTR), CT Determination Reports and Turbidity Reports.

Operational Reports

Operational reports provide plant personnel the information they need to work more effectively and efficiently, improving the process, driving productivity up and costs down.
Reports in this category include Equipment Performance reports, Production reports, Energy Management reports and Alarm reports.

MA Monthly Operating Report

Individual Filter Monitoring

Water providers must meet a number of requirements for the storing and reporting of water turbidity measurements.

XLReporter gathers turbidity samples for each 15 minute interval for all individual filters and maintains an archive for at least 3 years.

Turbidity values that exceed the maximum NTU must be carried forward for up to 3 months to determine violations in the current and future months.

States like Massachusetts require the timestamps when consecutive samples exceed NTU limits require to be listed as individual records. Valid turbidity measurements for the individual filters start 4 hours after every backwash.

MA Individual Filter CT Calculation

Annual Production

The annual production report provides plant supervisors an up-to-date view of the amount of treated water. It includes monthly reports as well as a yearly summary that shows the monthly minimum and maximum flow over the year.

With the use of Excel, these and many other significant statistics are easily calculated in the report, saving many hours of paper computations.

In practice the report is updated automatically every day by XLReporter’s Scheduler, adding the daily volume to each monthly report sheet.

MA annual water treatment

XLReporter Used In Over 35 USA States

XLReporter is used in hundreds of water and wastewater facilities for their day-to-day operations and the regulatory State reports. Most States publish their reports in Excel format which can be readily imported into XLReporter without touch up.
Below is a sampling of State links which, at the time of this article, referred to their regulatory requirements.


Alabama http://adem.alabama.gov/DeptForms/default.cnt
Alaska http://dnr.alaska.gov/mlw/forms/
Arkansas http://www2.adeq.state.ar.us/water
Arizona http://www.azwater.gov/AzDWR/PermitsFormsApplications/PermitsFormsApplications.htm
California http://www.waterboards.ca.gov/water_issues/programs/npdes/
Colorado https://www.colorado.gov/cdphe
Connecticut http://www.ct.gov/dph/cwp/view.asp?a=3139?Q=387316
Delaware http://www.dnrec.delaware.gov/swc/wa/Pages/WaterQualityMonitoring.aspx
Florida http://www.dep.state.fl.us/water/drinkingwater/forms.htm
Georgia http://epd.georgia.gov/drinking-water-forms
Hawaii http://health.hawaii.gov/cwb/site-map/clean-water-branch-home-page/forms/
Iowa http://www.iowadnr.gov/InsideDNR/RegulatoryWater/DrinkingWaterCompliance/Forms.aspx
Idaho http://www.deq.idaho.gov/water-quality.aspx
Illinois http://www.epa.illinois.gov/topics/forms/water-forms/index
Indiana http://in.gov/idem/cleanwater/index.htm
Kentucky http://water.ky.gov/DrinkingWater/Pages/Forms.aspx
Kansas http://www.kdheks.gov/water/
Louisiana http://ldh.la.gov/index.cfm/page/963
Massachusetts http://www.mass.gov/eea/agencies/massdep/water/
Maine http://www.maine.gov/dhhs/mecdc/environmental-health/dwp/
Michigan http://www.deq.state.mi.us/deqforms/default.asp
Minnesota http://www.pca.state.mn.us/index.php/water/water-monitoring-and-reporting/index.html
Missouri http://dnr.mo.gov/forms/index.html
Mississippi http://www.deq.state.ms.us/MDEQ.nsf/page/epd_ApplicationsandForms
Montana http://deq.mt.gov/wqinfo/pws/default.mcpx
North Carolina http://www.ncwater.org/?page=9
North Dakota http://www.ndhealth.gov/wq/storm/Industrial/IndustrialHome.htm
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New Hampshire http://des.nh.gov/organization/divisions/water/dwgb/
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New York http://www.health.ny.gov/environmental/water/drinking/forms/forms.htm
Ohio http://www.epa.ohio.gov/dsw/formspubs.aspx
Oklahoma http://www.deq.state.ok.us/wqdnew/forms.html
Oregon http://www.oregon.gov/deq/wq/wqpermits/Pages/Forms.aspx
Pennsylvania http://www.elibrary.dep.state.pa.us/dsweb/HomePage
Puerto Rico http://ofmpub.epa.gov/waters10/attains_state.control?p_state=PR
Rhode Island http://www.health.ri.gov/licenses/detail.php?id=274#
South Carolina http://www.scdhec.gov/Environment/PermitCentral/ApplicationForms/
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Tennessee http://http://tn.gov/environment/topic/wr-wq-dw-drinking-water
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Utah http://www.waterquality.utah.gov/documents/DOC_RULE.htm
Virginia http://www.deq.virginia.gov/Programs/Water/Forms.aspx
Vermont http://drinkingwater.vt.gov/pcwspermits.htm
Washington http://www.ecy.wa.gov/programs/wq/links/standards.html
Wisconsin http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/SurfaceWater/WaterQualityTrading.html
West Virginia http://www.dep.wv.gov/wwe/Pages/default.aspx
Wyoming http://deq.wyoming.gov/wqd/


Alberta http://environment.alberta.ca/apps/regulateddwq/more.aspx
British Columbia http://www.bclaws.ca/civix/document/id/complete/statreg/200_2003
Manitoba http://environment.alberta.ca/apps/regulateddwq/more.aspx