Report from EAS

Report from Emerson Automation Solutions

XLReporter interfaces to Emerson Automation Solutions software to produce reports automatically and on-demand.
Emerson Process Management is a strategic partner of Sytech

Produce reports on DeltaV Live, Continuous Historian, Advanced Continuous Historian, Basic Batch, Batch Historian,
Event Chronicles, Event Journal and DeltaV Analyze.

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DeltaV Live

Report directly from DeltaV Pro Plus or Application Station using "Report As You Run" technology. The solution is low-cost, straightforward and does not require a historian or database. By incrementally adding live values to a report, either on time or on events, a history of the process is generated.

Use this technology to produce a wide range of reports such as a daily shift reports, monthly summary reports, batch reports or equipment usage reports.

Monitoring energy consumption results in efficiency and savings

DeltaV Continuous Historian
DeltaV Advanced Continuous Historian

Produce reports automatically or on-demand from the DeltaV Continuous Historian or the DeltaV Advanced Historian. Retrieve sample values and "out-of-box" metrics on performance, statistics and runtimes that have been filtered and scaled according to your requirement. XLReporter will perform the filtering if it is not supported by the server.

In addition to the standard set of metrics provided by the historian, XLReporter provides an extended set of calculations specific to industry. XLReporter provides a rich set of calculations for historical data
Metrics are readily available without any scripting or programming. Simply select the tags of interest, the time frame and calculation e.g., average temperature over each hour of the day, and let XLReporter do the rest.

DeltaV Analyze

Configure XLReporter to store alarm KPIs to a relational database for easy, dynamic analysis across multiple systems and operator positions.
Use the "out-of-box" templates provided or design your custom templates combining alarm metrics with other information such as process trends from the continuous historian.


  • Automatic export of alarm KPIs to a database
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Connect to DeltaV, DeltaV Historian, Batch Historian and more for Alarm KPI reports combined with Process data
Data flow between DeltaV Analyse and XLReporter

DeltaV Basic Batch

DeltaV™ provides Basic, Advanced and Professional Batch software. DeltaV Basic Batch is usually sufficient for small batch systems, since it is cost effective and does not require a database. For each batch, the batch information is stored to seperate log files which provide rich information about the batch but are difficult to navigate, with no easy extraction methods.

XLReporter's Basic Batch connector provides a simple interface to extract and compare run times, phase information and trends for one or more batches.

XLReporter isa-88 report

DeltaV Batch Historian

The DeltaV™ Batch Historian is built for batch processes in accordance with the the ISA S88 standard which provides a consistent set of standards and terminology for batch control and defines the physical model, procedures, and recipes.

Produce batch reports automatically or on-demand from the DeltaV Batch Historian. Use the "out-of-box" templates provided or design your custom templates combining the batch report with other information such as process data from the continuous historian and event journal.

DeltaV Event Chronicle
DeltaV Event Journal

The Event Chronicle captures all system events, such as operator changes, control module installations, alarms, and changes in device status.

Analysis from DeltaV Event Chronicle files or from data logged in the DeltaV Event Journal.

Report automatically or on-demand.