XLReporter Version 12.4

Connect. Design. Produce. Distribute.

New Features

Template Design

Data Connectors

Data Entry Forms

Support for both 32 and 64 bit Microsoft Access.

Programming Interface

Update to the programming interface so that XLReporter actions can be performed from a 32 bit and 64 bit Visual Basic (or VBA) environments.

PDF Report Viewer

The PDF Viewer is updated to support fonts and objects used in the newer versions of Excel. The viewer does require Adobe Reader to be installed in order to function properly. XLReporter has been tested extensively with Adobe Reader XI but does work with both older and newer versions. An installation of Adobe Reader XI can be found on the XLReporter installation CD as well as at www.SyTech.com.

Data Management


Excel 2016 Templates

A “Corrupt Open XML Document” error may occur on workbooks saved with the latest service pack of Excel 2016. This error has been corrected.

Data Group Preview

With certain licenses, the preview of a data group would return nothing despite the correct components enabled. That is now corrected so that Preview reflects exactly what is enabled in the license.

Data Management

Data Export To Database If the export is set up to use Commands from a worksheet and the command contained data surrounded by single quotes, in some cases a second set of single quotes would be added to the command before it was sent to the database which would cause an error. This functionality has been removed, when commands are used they are used “as is” so single quotes or any other delimiters required by the specific database need to be specified.

OPC HDA Server

Tag Browser
With some OPC HDA servers, tags were not being shown when certain “branches” of the server were selected if that branch also had “branches” below it. This has been corrected so that tags are shown at any selected “branch” of the server.

Raw Data Retrieval
Previously a 100,000 row limit was applied to raw value retrieval. This has been removed to accommodate historians that have no limits.

FactoryTalk Historian SE (VantagePoint)

Corrected issue where discrete data was not being returned. Now, if discrete values are retrieved with a Raw Values data group, a 0 or 1 is returned. If discrete values are retrieved with a Raw Text data group, True or False is returned.

FactoryTalk View Data File(s)

If the tag name or value contained a “,” an error would occur. This has been corrected to handle “,” in both fields.

FactoryTalk Alarm and Events

In some versions of the database the timestamp is set as a different column type which caused no data to return. This has been corrected to handle the timestamp in any format.

FactoryTalk Historian (OLEDB/ODBC) and OSIsoft PI Historian

String data was not being returned correctly to the report. This has been corrected.

GE Historian Plus

Using a raw values data group if multiple tags were requested and each tag was logged at a different frequency, errors would occur or data would be repeated. This has been corrected to show only what is returned from the historian.

InTouch Classic History

If the date separator set in the Windows Operating System was not “/”, no data would be returned. This has been corrected so the date separator can be anything supported by the OS.

XLReporter Analytics

The last recording was not always being written to the report. This has been corrected.

Version 12.4 Summary