XLReporter Local

If you can think it, XLReporter can do it.

Produce stunning reports with all the great features of spreadsheets such as charts, formats and formulas together with XLReporter functions, built specifically for Industry.

The Complete Reporting Solution

An automated reporting system increases the productivity of engineers and operators by freeing them from the repetitive task of producing and delivering reports.

With XLReporter on your team, reports are generated reliably, robustly and in the background. The reports are sent automatically to printer, file server, email, cloud drop box or to a backend business database.

With unattended reporting, information always gets to the right people, at the right time, to make the right decision.

Data Connectors


Template Library Wizard

The Template Library Wizard gets you results in a matter of minutes!

Select the data source of the report along with how to produce it and your template is ready for reporting.

The Template Library contains a selection of "out-of-box" templates including OEE dashboards, summary reports, trend reports, circular charts and SPC analysis (six sigma).


Template Design Studio

The Template Design Studio is used to create or customize templates.

The Studio is the first of its kind in industry to use the Microsoft Open Office standard, bringing the same "look and feel" of Microsoft Excel and offering similar features like formulas, statistics, formatting, sorting, filtering, images and charts.

Users that prefer to develop templates directly in Microsoft Excel can use the Design Studio addin provided for Excel.


Industrial Functions

Go beyond the standard capabilities of a spreadsheet by the 60+ industrial functions provided by XLReporter.

Perform actions on cell value exceedance, export reports to the cloud or a backend business database for further analysis, download production summaries for viewing on the HMI display, incorporate advanced lookup tables, use your own .NET classes and much more.

  • Worksheet
  • Presentation
  • Analysis
  • Logic
  • Import and Export

Automated Around The Clock

At the heart of automation is the XLReporter Scheduler running on the desktop or as a Windows service.

The scheduler processes actions that indicate what to do and when to do it, e.g., produce a report at the end of each shift or send a text message when a pump stops.

Reports from the past are produced using the Scheduler's backfill option.

Schedule actions go beyond reporting:
  • Archive or move reports to a remote server
  • Convert report format e.g., XML for use with eDMR
  • Deliver reports by email and FTP
  • Run third party applications and scripts

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