Go Beyond Excel

Produce stunning reports with all the great features of Excel such as charts, formats and formulas together with XLReporter's industry specific functions, without needing Microsoft Excel.


XLReporter is award winning software. Serving industry for over 25 years, a two-time winner of the Control Engineering award and thousands of loyal customers worldwide, speaks for itself.

Intended for professionals who want to be able to use their existing knowledge of Microsoft Excel to avoid the steep learning curves (and costs) of something new.

The product is a proven solution: accurate, reliable and responsive around the clock.


Cutting Edge Technology

XLReporter is the first reporting software in industry to fully embrace the Microsoft Office Open XML standard.

A powerful reporting engine turns workbook templates into workbook, pdf and web formats, automatically or on-demand.

Design templates in the Studio taking full advantage of all the features of Excel or use those provided by government agencies.

Much More Than Reports

XLReporter is more than just reports. It provides a scheduler, data logger, manual data entry, powerful analytics, 21CFRPart 11 features and web portal.

It also automatically manages files and folder, provides tools to modify database tables and much more.

Starting at $995 (stand alone) and $2595 (distributed 5 client), there's an edition to fit any budget.

Endless Possibilities

Produce Excel Workbooks, Encrypted PDF and Web Pages, automatically or on-demand, at incredible speeds and consistent with the template design.

Distribute reports by email, FTP, file server and printers. Enable XLReporter’s Web Portal and access reports from any device supporting a web browser such as a smart phone or tablet.


Who Uses XLReporter

XLReporter fits perfectly into any organization. It is the product of choice for OEMs and System Integrators who deliver reports for vertical and regulated markets such as Water, Wastewater, Packaging, HVAC, Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Building Automation.

It opens collaboration between people who need reports and people who implement reports. For example, a compliant officer or plant manager can express his/her needs in terms of Excel worksheets and pass them to the process engineer for implementation.

Reports for Everyone

The types of reports produced by XLReporter are endless.

For regulatory or compliance reports, use the Excel reports provided by the government agencies and import them into XLReporter. Add your data sources and the template is ready for automated reporting.

Example reports are Machine Utilization, Overall Equipment Effectiveness(OEE), Monthly Operation Report(MOR), Production Summary, Compliance, Regulatory, Efficiency, Batch, Performance, Productivity, Quality, Alarm Analysis and Maintenance.

Use XLReporter connectors to the leading historians, PLCs, business databases and industry standards such as OPC
Design templates using all the features of Microsoft Excel and XLReporter functions specific for industry
Produce Workbook, encrypted PDF and Web reports, automatically or on-demand
Distribute reports by email, ftp, printer and file server or publish them to XLReporters web portal and access them by web browsers