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If you can think it, XLReporter can do it.

Produce stunning reports with all the great features of spreadsheets such as charts, formats and formulas together with XLReporter functions, built specifically for Industry.

If you can Measure it, you can Improve it

For over 25 years, SyTech’s award-winning product XLReporter has been helping companies to increase their productivity and reduce their costs by transforming process data into actionable reports.

XLReporter is versatile. The product is used in all industries to solve any reporting requirement like those in operations, compliance, maintenance, batch and production.

XLReporter is familiar. Use your existing knowledge of Microsoft Excel to avoid the time (and cost) of learning something new.

XLReporter is robust. XLReporter works for you around the clock to deliver reports to the right people at the right time.


Cutting Edge Technology

XLReporter is the leading software in industry to fully automate the Microsoft Open Office standard and apply it to reporting.

Use your existing workbook templates, design your own using tools similar to those in Microsoft Excel or use those provided by government agencies.

Starting at $1150 (local) and $2900 (distributed), there is a solution for any budget.

Much More Than Reports

XLReporter is more than reporting software. It is a complete system which includes a scheduler, data logger, manual data entry, powerful analytics, 21CFRPart 11 features and a web portal.

The software even goes beyond reporting. Organize files and folders, manage databases, trigger on cell values, export to business systems, and much more.

Endless Possibilities

Produce Excel Workbooks and Encrypted PDF at incredible speeds and consistent with your template design.

Distribute reports automatically by email, FTP, file server, cloud and printers.

Empower remote users with access to view reports on the server and produce custom reports from any mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet.


Who Uses XLReporter

XLReporter fits perfectly into any organization from small municipalities to Fortune 500 companies. It easily solves the reporting needs of industry making it the product of choice for End Users, OEMs and System Integrators.

XLReporter contains many specific features for vertical and regulated markets such as Water, Wastewater, Packaging, HVAC, Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Building Automation.

Reports by Anyone for Everyone

Produce rich, professional reports in standard file formats without scripts and SQL queries.

Start with a spreadsheet template using either an existing Excel workbook, an “out-of-the-box” template from the built-in library or a custom design. Connect data sources to fill in data and you are ready for automated reporting.

XLReporter is versatile. Machine Utilization, Overall Equipment Effectiveness(OEE), Monthly Operation Report(MOR), Production Summary, Compliance, Regulatory, Efficiency, Batch, Performance, Productivity, Quality, Alarm Analysis and Maintenance, the list is endless.


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XLReporter turns process data into actionable information, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

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XLReporter empowers users to perform data entry, view reports and produce reports on any web-enabled device.

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