Design Templates

Design report templates with XLReporter or import one you already use.


Every report starts with designing a report template. Use one of the templates provided in the Template Library or design a custom template in the XLReporter Design Studio (available in MIcrosoft Excel). Better still, import your existing Excel worksheet as a starting point.

Built-in connectivity to over 70 industrial data sources, no artifical tag or template limits, all the features of Excel such as charts, formatting and formulas as well as those provided by XLReporter that are specific to industry. Templates design is endless.

All Connectors


Template Library

Create report templates in a couple of minutes with the Template Library. The library contains a selection of "out-of-box" templates including summary reports, horizontal and vertical trend reports, and SPC reports (six sigma).

Specify a few simple report settings, such as the data source and when the report is required, and the template is complete.


Template Studio

Create custom report and form templates with the Template Studio. The Template Studio is installed into Microsoft Excel to harness over 400 functions, charts and formatting capabilities in addition to the XLReporter functions that are specifically built for process automation. A content wizard is provided to make light work of content layout.

As part of the template design, specify the naming convention of the report, when the report will be updated and how it will be distributed.

The studio provides easy access to all the main components of XLReporter such as the Scheduler and Management tools.


Beyond Reports

XLReporter goes beyond the "traditional" reporting software by extending the capabilty of templates with industry specific management functions. For example, the Import/Export functions moves information to/from reports to a PLC, text file or database. The functions can also be applied to consolidate monthly reports into a yearly summary with the entire monthly sheet or just a selection.

Management functions cover the following categories:
  • Worksheet
  • Presentation
  • Analysis
  • Logic
  • Import and Export

Use XLReporter connectors to the leading historians, PLCs, business databases and industry standards such as OPC
Design templates using all the features of Microsoft Excel and XLReporter functions specific for industry
Produce Workbook, encrypted PDF and Web reports, automatically or on-demand
Distribute reports by email, ftp, printer and file server or publish them to XLReporters web portal and access them by web browsers